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I've just start to learn Pixel art a week ago. and look's like I feel in love with this Pixel Art Things XD

Hope I can focus on this style and learn lot's of new things again.

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August Firmansyah Phoenix
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm Radical Dreamer, Newbie Cartographer, Aspiring Writer, and Freelance Designer, and Poetry lover... Currently focus on my World Building Project, for my Novel, my Artwork (cartography, and Sketches).



Northwind --Cover for NaNoWriMo 2014-- by daeVArt
Northwind --Cover for NaNoWriMo 2014--
This is the cover I've created for NaNoWriMo 2014.

The Title is "Northwind" as the place of my story held is here. At the realm of northern land. Realm of the White. Realm of Miranda the Huntress. 

The Story consist as Richella Elleanor--knowed as Elle. Short, chubby, and obese gnome who travel with her companion in search of her beloved father that long lost. only her father journal of Invention and exploration that become the only clue. she does'nt care with anything around her as long as she can find her father and return to Gnomeria.
Hlea The Dream Weaver Bloodline by daeVArt
Hlea The Dream Weaver Bloodline
Dis'hlea Halcyone The Dream Weaver, One Of Goddess of Fate who rule over past, memories, dream, and insanity

She's the first who create a civilization. the Age of Primeva, consist of Her children known as Hlea Bloodline. 
Most of em created after she watch over element of Vallarth. 

Vegnova born from the first light of Mentari.
Svelavcty born from the first tide of Serpentinavale.
Nag Tharkla born from the first step she had during her walk on Terrania.
Arealist born from the first breeze of  Zephyra.

And then, Hlea--who also known as The first elementalist--giving birth into more Primeva.

Strmsk born from the first thunder over the realm without Vocal called Mechanus.
Velvus born over the first eruption over the burning realm of Ashtargal.
Miranda born over the first snowdrop over the white realm of Northwind.
Ju'vill known as the first leaf who come over the tree of live near Sylvwood.
Archeona, the first mist who cover the realm of Mysteria.
Nov'althea, known to be the first sand over the  realm of Alth'tiraktomb.

There even more children of Hlea. but most of em engulfed in mystery veil.
Children Of Valla-The Fate Spinner by daeVArt
Children Of Valla-The Fate Spinner

Valla The Fate Spinner


She’s there, her name echoes through every layer of realm. She, who rule every creature before, who watch over the Mainland of Vallarth.


Before the shattered of Vallarth happen. She give the seat of Fate Spinner to Her lil sister. And begin her search toward location of the Exiled Nama. From there, She Create two living being. One created from the dust of Shattered Vallarth. Another one is from the remnant of glowing light. One called Mu’Arka-The First Human. The other was All’Ar-The Lightbringer.


Mu’Arka, the first Human known for his bravest, strong, almighty act was one of Valla children. The most gifted man ever created He’s one with unique trait, unlimited potential, unpredictable manner.

The Fateless… They said.

One with the power to overcome the fate itself…


All’ar- The First Light. Well known for her unparalleled wisdom. The light being who record every event. From the beginning of primeval era, until now known as the Steam Era. All’ar Share her knowledge, wisdom, and experience over the Stream light. Only them…


The Children of All’ar, the Fruit of Cosmic Tree, the patron of million sky, the guardian of humankind. The creature called angels. The light of hope… the hope itself…

-Valla Custodia and the Children of Light

Essence of Nama - The Exiled by daeVArt
Essence of Nama - The Exiled

The Three Goddess Of fate

        Nama Shirr. One of three Goddess of fate who rule over  future, death, night, magic, and curse has going insane. Being the first who born from the creator hand, Nama power and knowledge over living and death is beyond comparable.

        She, who instruct every children of Valla—goddess of present, fate spinner—and bloodline of Hlea—goddess of past, dream weaver—to learn and begin a living system. from a small lesser things about the mainland of Vallarth, each scape, each plane, each layer of world, into a complex system of runes as the first ever language and magical system of Vallarth.

         Later on. The arrogance, pride, and All high act of Nama begin to insult and even worse, spark the first ever war. Hlea, Her lil sister who rule over past, memories, dreams, legacy, and half of Vallarth release the wrath. The war against Nama being held for more than a thousand aeons. Nama Alone sure can handle the wrath of her lil sisters. She can stop the war at anytime she want.

         But then, Nama follow what her lil sister want. She giving birth to seven pure Essence that only her who had it. And dissapear from the Mainland of Vallarth. But then. Before She trully dissapear from the Mainland. She make a crack right at the center of mainland. Destroy the mainland pieces by pieces and start spreading the shatterer pieces of Mainland faraway endlessly.

         She mark every pieces of shattered Vallarth with her power of runes, and make every Primeval of Vallarth forget her existence, except her Essence that turn into seven Newborn Primeval and of course both Her lil Sisters. Before she follow to play with Hlea, she show what she can do to them. Every Legacy of Hlea sure tremble in fear when the devastation of Vallarth happen.

         Valla know that something like that will happen. And Hlea? She come to realize that her wrath mean nothing compare to power of Nama. But then, Nama Dissapearance make her smile a bit. Valla start her move. She come to Hlea and give her power and rules to Hlea. Make Hlea the only Goddess of fate who remain. Valla itself start observing her lil sister. Also start searching the whereabout of her big sister. She give command to her children for finding Nama Whereabout. She start to rest in eternal slumber. While her Children start spreading and begin the searching.

         Hlea became the ruler of fate over every creature of shattered Vallarth. She began the release of her bloodline legacy, let them spread a living descendant and start a new live below her rules. She never know where Nama is. Also doesnt ever know the reason behind Valla act.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::- Daevarts
-The First Legend of Vallarth


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